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My looks in Palm Springs

I spent 10 days in Palm Springs at the Be The One camp and I know you want to see the looks that I wore so I decide to share my fav with you.


One of the first nights we had a more elegant dinner, where the dress code was semi-formal. During that night we had a very fun mixology class. I wanted my look to be consistent with the theme of the event and the place.

I decided to combine two colors of faux leather and this was the result. The complete look is from @revolve.


Workout had to be part of the camp, we did an outdoor yoga class, it was incredible. All the girls were dressed by the same brand of exercise clothes @byorianacollection (which I love by the way) the quality is incredible and they are very comfortable.


For my makeup class I like to feel comfortable and at the same time, wear someting that look "so me". As many of you already know, I love animal print so it shout be part of my outfit.


When traveling, we must pack pieces and looks according to the place and the occasion. Also keep in mind that it is important to bring pieces that we can repeat and combine different in order to have more options.

One of the activities during the camp was to show the participants how to create a campaign for a brand. @Vanessazambito and I took a photo for @urbandecay where we are getting ready to go out. I don't know if you notice it but my look is the combination of two pieces that I already showed you before.


Something that makes me fall in love with California is the weather. Most of the days are sunny but you can still wear layers of clothing that I like so much. This is one of my favorite looks of the trip, comfortable but cute and obviously I love that it is monochrome.


We couldn't leave Palm Springs without taking photos of some of its landscapes. To be 100% honest, this look was improvised, because at the time of packing I forgot it! so I had to put together some of the pieces that I had in the suitcase and this was the result.


When I travel, I create looks at home before packing, took a photo of each one. This will help you save time when dressing so you will not forget how you combined them.

All photos were taken by @claudiagomezph


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